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Updated on January 28, 2019

Which software to make a virtual tour ?

We're getting close to the end! Once the panorama assembled, you only have to open it in Pano2VR or any other virtual tour software set it in motion and create interactions...

When the 360° panorama is assembled, it takes the form of a rectangular image with a 1/2 ratio embracing 180 ° × 360 ° if you shot the complete sphere. What can do more can do less, so that was our take on things in this guide. We'll now see how to turn this flat and distorted panorama into a nice virtual tour distortions-free. For that, we'll have to choose several important options but above all, we'll need virtual tour software.


Schéma du parcours d'un panorama juste qu'à la visite virtuelle...

Complete virtual tour of the hotel and restaurant Bernard Loiseau at Saulieu, in Bourgogne (made with PanoTour Pro 1.8). Suivre


A virtual tour is thus a special panorama since it's on 360° × 180° in the best case, in a window of your browser or in full screen, with which you can interact with your mouse. You can zoom in and out, go in all directions, click links, go from one room to another, etc. thanks to a set of buttons visible at the bottom of the window as you can see above.


The key points if you're a beginner...

Here are the key points to remember about virtual tour creation. The rest of this page is aimed at those who want to learn more.

The major problem of virtual tour until then was cross-browser compatibility (Internet, tablets, smartphones). There are two ways to proceed indeed: in Flash, the past and in HTML 5, the close future.

QuickTime is dead or almost for virtual tours and Java will be progressively replaced by HTML 5.

Depending on what virtual tour creation piece of software you'll choose, you won't necessarily be compatible with all browsers.

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Extensions and viewers

It is they who will determine all compatible devices and all available features. Let's start with a bit of history ....

A little history of extensions and other viewers ...

There existed, before 2015, three main extensions so three main viewers, integrated into the various Internet browsers, to view these virtual tours: Flash - Adobe Flash Player - Java - Java - and Quicktime - Apple -. So from the same photo, it was possible to get three or four "different" virtual tours. These differences are made in the possibilities specific to each format. An example: in compatible Iphone / Ipad format, it is essential to provide a complete spherical image otherwise it does not work ...

The choice of extension was therefore essential until last year. Such an extension could, in fact, be incompatible with such browser or such medium (smartphones for example). It was therefore necessary to select his audience ... or to generate several visits with several formats ...

Flash - Flash

It was the most common and powerful extension. It seems that 2015 marks the end of this expansion. But we could do everything with her! It was light and did not require a heavy viewer to download. Almost every computer in the world, MAC, PC, LINUX, was compatible and had this viewer installed by default. It was universal until the arrival of smartphones and tablets, incompatible unfortunately, either for technical constraints or by choice (Apple does not want Flash in its iBidulles!). No defect for the user but obviously more for developers or technicians. Has been replaced by html 5, below.

Icône Java - Java

The oldest extension is practically universal. It is now possible to make virtual tours in Javascript compatible smartphones and tablets, even the famous Iphone and Ipad Apple. But above all, it is very light since a Java viewer is still very light (less than 200KB). It has evolved a lot over time. She does not have many faults either.

When a device is compatible with Flash and Java, this is totally irrelevant for the user. So we could be tempted to create all these visits in this format but then, in Panotour Pro for example, it becomes incompatible with the complete nonspherical panoramas (180x360 °). There is always something !!!

Icône QTVR - Quicktime VR

The oldest extension of Apple in the world of virtual reality is no longer the most practical. To see a virtual tour in QTVR, it is essential to install the Apple Quicktime player on your computer and it weighs 20 MB. This is an undeniable obstacle to its development. Today, this extension no longer seems relevant to create and visualize virtual tours.

And now ...

The new html 5 has made everyone agree by its compatibility all media and its possibilities.

Icône HTML 5 - HTML 5

This new format, has supplanted the other extensions because it is compatible with all browsers of computers, smartphones, tablets and more! Panotour 2.0 and following uses it. With this software it is now possible to create virtual tours compatible with all media.

A few viewers...

  Company MAC PC LINUX IOS Android
Partial (3)
Html 5
Partial (1)
Partial (2)

(1) : 32 bits only.
(2) : depends on the browser and the plugins downloaded.
(3) : to watch videos only and depends on the Android version.





Virtual tour software

Less numerous than assembling pieces of software, virtual tour creation pieces of software evolve very quickly at the moment. Even if Pano2VR is of surprising value for money, the two references are Panotour / Panotour Pro and Tourweaver.

Caution! The price of the software will determine two very important points:

The possibility (or not) to integrate numerous multimedia interactive elements such as sound, photos but above all, videos, which are what makes a virtual tour worth watching. Check the possibilities before making a choice...
The size of the virtual tour, up to gigapixel.

A few virtual tour creation pieces of software...

  Editor Flash/Java/IOS potential Price €
  Panotour 2.5 Kolor
Html 5
  Panotour Pro 2.5 Kolor
Html 5
  Livepano - Ext. Kolor Video in virtual tour - Closed
Pano2VR 6.0
Yes - Yes - Yes
  Pano2VR Pro 6.0 GardenGnome Yes - Yes - Yes ****** €299
Cubic Converter
Tourweaver 7.0
Oui Oui - Oui (2)
Tourweaver 7.0 Pro
Yes - Yes - Yes (2)

(1) : Price of the full version: PRO + Krpano licences to unlock maximum size.
(2) : Compatible IOS with MAC version of Tourweaver Mac Starter.
(3) : Compatible IOS only with complete spherical panoramas.



Pano2VR 6.0.2 - New !


My opinion on Pano2VR 6.0.2 - Garden Gnome

Logo Mac
Logo Windows

I have long used Pano2VR. It is compatible MAC, PC, LINUX and is in French. Noticeably less developed than the heavy weight of the creation of virtual tours cited above it has obviously caught up (in terms of functionality) with this update 6.0. He is the only one to allow to realize a visit Google Street for example. I will test it soon ... - Learn more and download Suivre

Note ! There is also a "normal" version at €149.00, Necessarily limited in its possibilities.





The process

Here again, it is very simple even if each software has its own virtual tour creation process. However and unlike panorama software, the work in virtual tour creation software can take much longer. As an example, I spent over 45 minutes generating a virtual tour from 15 panoramas in Panotour Pro 1.8. I could have taken way longer in Panotour Pro 2.5. But schematically, the steps can be summed up as follows:

  • Interface de Panotour ProOpen all the panoramas you want to integrate to the visit in the software;
  • For each panorama, indicate the point of view, the default angle, the maximum zoom-in and zoom-out;
  • For each panorama, check if you want the whole image or perform a partial reframing of a less interesting part.
  • Then create hotspots, in the form of sound, photos, html, links to another panorama, flare, videos, geolocalization, etc.
    Caution! Multimedia elements that can be integrated in the virtual tour depend on the version you'll buy.

  • Then, you'll customize the whole virtual tour: choice of the buttons, the overall sound, Google Maps, radars, maps, miniatures, etc.
  • Choose more down-to-earth and technical parameters such as the compression rate;
  • Choose output settings: Flash or Java? Incorporated files or not?
  • The software will then generate the virtual tour and its files and you'll then only have to integrate to a website...

Saving the file

Then, you can save your virtual tour in the folder you want. Format, as for itself, is important regarding browser compatibilities:

  • HTML 5 - New! - Panotour Pro 2 is now able to generate virtual tours compatible with all devices.
  • Flash or Java - very important - The only but important defect of Flash today is not to be compatible with new mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. However, a virtual tour compatible with an iPhone for instance can be viewed in any browser. It has a few limitations that should be fixed soon however... Flash enables, anyway, any boldness... Compatibility, always compatibility!!!
  • XML - For people who are familiar with these kinds of files, the possibility to edit them enables to customize the virtual tour even more. For advanced users!
  • Compatible with gigapixel virtual tours - There's nothing special to do if your software can manage it but you need to anticipate the space it will take on your hard drive, where the virtual tour and its files will be saved.

(videos in french...)

Create a virtual tour with Panotour / Pro 2.5 suivre
  (8 video tutorials for a free training 3h00 long! In french)

So that's how this tutorial dedicated to the creation of a virtual tour ends - Back to contents... Suivre


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